Reform Online Lending Recommends Vigilance During Tax Season

Reform Online Lending has recently been made aware of a U.S. Treasury Scam. It is important for consumers to remain cautious year-round, but you should be extra vigilant during tax season.

 A man, who refers to himself as Steve Martin, has been calling consumers and claiming to be enforcing action on behalf of the U.S. Treasury. He threatens “federal criminal offense” if his message is ignored and the consumer doesn’t call him back at 352-600-3039.

Please be aware that this is a scam. The U.S. Treasury and IRS will first contact you via postal mail if there is an issue. If you believe you have received a phone call from a scammer, you can report it through the FTC’s Complaint Assistant. If you are unsure whether the phone call you received is a scam or not, you can call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 to verify.